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All of our students learn to read music, count rhythms and play to a metronome. Once those basic skills are established, they learn chords, theory, and scales, and how to play music from lead sheets, in addition to standard classical instruction. We encourage students to explore all types of music from classical and jazz to pop and world music. We teach many instruments and encourage students to try more than one! Many of our students play two or more instruments.

We excel at teaching fundamentals. We believe that whatever instrument or style, reading music is the most important skill and should be taught from the beginning. All of our students start by learning to read music; learning each piece by reading it, never by rote. Our system is very easy for the students to handle, because we break every task into small chunks in logical order. We rarely lose students; they find learning music fun when they can do it easily and successfully.

We provide a progressive course of study so that students are well-rounded and don’t get frustrated working on material that is too hard. Students stick with music when the tasks are easy and rewarding. Beginning students learn best on a whole lot of easy pieces that teach skills in the proper order.

Learn to play piano in Lakewood or Denver

Learn to play piano in Lakewood or Denver

We respect each student’s time and interest level. Music students are all different. Some are instantly passionate about music. Some students are indifferent to it at first but fall in love later. Some never decide to be great musicians, and that’s alright too. Music lessons can be a great life experience for every student when taught properly and compassionately.

Our philosophy on practice: Students who practice regularly do very well. For this reason, we teach students the importance of practice, as well as what constitutes good practice – how to do it well. We also advise parents on the process. When properly taught, students progress quickly and have lots of fun doing it. However, not every student practices regularly, and even those who usually do find themselves with weeks when they haven’t practiced. We believe in accepting what students are bringing to the lesson. If they haven’t practiced, a teacher should still be able to use the lesson fruitfully. We have students who rarely practice, and they still advance, just a bit slower than those who do. We believe that, for most music students, it is the exposure to music that is the most important, not the degree of virtuosity they attain. We look for elements that will increase the interest level for even the most reluctant students.  In short, we believe that keeping students without nagging them is the best way to give them a good experience that they can take with them over the course of their lives.
Lessons are taught in Denver at Kolacny Music: 1900 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210-4005, and in Lakewood at Ad Hoc Music Lessons: 1425 Brentwood Street, Lakewood, CO 80214. Lessons cost for $25/ weekly 1/2 hour lesson.

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