French Horn Lessons

French horn lessons, tuba lessons... pretty much any band or orchestra instrument... in our Lakewood or Denver locations

French horn lessons, tuba lessons… we teach pretty much any band or orchestra instrument… in our Lakewood or Denver locations

Take French Horn lessons in Lakewood or Denver! I enjoy teaching beginning fundamentals in ways that are fun and easily do-able and have lots of theoretical and practical advice and instruction for advanced musicians as well.

If you’re interested, you can learn to play more than one instrument. I’m a multi-instrumentalist. My variety band requires me to play a lot of instruments in a huge range of styles, including rock, classical, jazz, folk, pop -you name it- the band has played it. So if you want to more than one, I’m game!

Here are some choices:  piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, cello, banjo, trumpet, saxophone, French horn, clarinet, flute, dulcimer, mandolin and other orchestral and band instruments, in a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, musical theater, rock/pop, Latin, world and folk.

I also teach electronic music, working with software such as Abelton Live, Cubase, and Finale, and the musicianship necessary to compose music well.

French Horn Lessons...
in Denver at Kolacny Music: 1900 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80210-4005
in Lakewood at Ad Hoc Music Lessons: 1425 Brentwood Street, Lakewood, CO 80214
and in your own home!

Lessons taught at either studio location cost for $25/ weekly 1/2 hour lesson. Call for in-home lesson rates.

I always welcome calls from potential students. Call anytime!

Matt: 720.276.1442

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