Policy sheet for students:

Contact info for Matt Bassano: phone: 720.276.1442 email: mattbassano@yahoo.com

Terminology: This sheet continually addresses someone named “you”; by “you” we mean whoever is responsible for scheduling/ paying for the lessons. “You” know who “you” are.

Scheduling: We arrange lesson days and times by mutual agreement. Lesson days and time, once established, are in force until cancelled or changed. In other words, if we set up lessons on Monday at 5:00, we are scheduled for Monday at 5:00. If you cancel the lesson one week, the next week we are still scheduled for Monday at 5:00. If we take two weeks break over December’s holiday break, in January we are still scheduled on Monday at 5:00 unless you cancel or reschedule in a timely fashion.

Canceling/Rescheduling: We almost never reschedule lessons; if you can’t make it to a scheduled lesson, plan on canceling it. If you need to change your lesson time altogether, do that.

To cancel or reschedule a lesson and not be charged for that lesson, please contact us 24 hours in advance by phone or email and we will credit you for that lesson the next time we bill you for lessons. If you cancel or reschedule the lesson with fewer than 24 hours notice, we never mind (‘cause life is like that sometimes), but we do charge for that lesson.

The 24 hour time limit applies even if we agree to reschedule the lesson. If your lesson is on Tuesday, and you call us Tuesday morning to reschedule it to Wednesday, and we agree to that, you will still be paying for, not only Tuesday’s lesson, but the new lesson on Wednesday as well.

Because of the nature of our business, we really need to be remunerated for our scheduled lesson slots. As a result, during the school year (September through April), we only allow one credited cancellation every two months of lessons. In other words, if you have to cancel a lesson in September, fine; we will credit you for that cancellation. If then you also have to cancel a lesson in October, we will have to charge for that lesson. We do allow scheduled vacations, as long as they are scheduled at least two weeks in advance, however, we may need to discuss remuneration, especially if you want us to reserve your time slot. Also, we can’t guarantee that the same time slot will be available after any break in lessons longer than 1 week. In the summer, we do allow multiple cancellations within a 2 month period, as long as they are arranged 2 weeks in advance, but I can’t guarantee that the same time slot will be available after any break in lessons longer than 1 week.

Showing up on time: Please show up on time or a little early for your lessons. If you’re early, please wait until your lesson time; if it is time for your lesson and the door is closed, feel free to knock.

If you are not at your lesson 15 minutes after the start time, we reserve the right to consider that a no-show and do something else with our time.

If you are picking up students from their lessons, please be there promptly to pick them up. We are not responsible for students after their lessons! For that matter, We are not responsible for students during their lessons.

Rates: Lessons are $25/ half hour

Payment: Payment is due on the first scheduled lesson period of the month. It is your responsibility to either be there at the beginning of the lesson, checkbook in hand, to schedule and pay for the month, or to call in advance of the lesson to make arrangements, and mail or leave a check for the correct amount. If correct payment is not received on that day, a $10 late fee is assessed each week until payment is received.

Books and materials: We usually buy books and other materials for the students then pass the charges along to them. We prefer to have you pay for books and materials when they are received by the student. If that is not possible, we will assess those charges when next we bill for lessons.

Conduct: We expect students to be courteous, focused and attentive during the lesson. If a student is behaving badly or discourteously, at our discretion we reserve the right to terminate the lesson and still charge for it.

Exceptions to the above: Failure to execute any clause in these policies does not invalidate any clause in these policies. In other words, if we choose, for example, not to assess a late fee once, it doesn’t mean that you will never get assessed a late fee, or that any other policy can be disregarded.

A note, from Matt, on the policy sheet: A policy sheet seems so acrimonious to me; I’m always worried about the worst case scenario when writing these things. Never fear- my relationships with my students are actually pleasant, dire policies notwithstanding. We’re going to have a lot of fun!



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